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The HOPE Wholeness Project

What: Join Elizabeth Sabet to discuss what wholeness is to you, & what supports and prevents you from living from wholeness.

Date: Sunday, April 14

Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Location: TBA

Hosted by: Elizabeth Sabet

Cost: Free; donations appreciated

White and Blue Abstract Painting

Online Retreat

Psychedelic Integration

Dates: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Hosted by: Elizabeth Sabet

Cost: TBD

Please register at: TBD


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The HOPE Wholeness Project

What: Join Elizabeth Sabet to discuss what wholeness is to you, & what supports and prevents you from living from wholeness.

Date: Sunday, June 23

Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Location: TBA

Hosted by Elizabeth Sabet

Cost: Free

Academic Training &

Certification for The Mental Health Community Since 2013

Check back in the Fall of 2024 for information on our programs

What our community members say about us

Instead of abandoning my childhood faith, I allowed it to go through a transformation and exploration of those doubts and feelings. I opened up spiritual aspects of my life that I had not been paying attention to...

- Leslie Howell

Since finding this community, the desire to run away has completely dissolved...I learned that it's not in running away that I find out who I am, it's sinking in and surrendering to loving myself in the now.

Heather Hedge

The HOPE Community allowed me to keep my sanity at a time when without that sense of connection and purpose life would have been much more of a dance to not fall into depression. It gave me an outlet where I could be with people who seemed to value their time with me and I could volunteer and make a difference...

- Patrick MacManus

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Check back in february 2024 for information on our programs

Past Pop-Up Events

in Lubbock, Texas

The HOPE Wholeness Project

What: What does wholeness mean to you? How do you access it? How does it express through you? What wisdom and foresight have you developed because of your wholeness? Join Elizabeth Sabet, Co-founder of HOPE, for a shared group wisdom experience. Share. Discover. Rest in your wholeness.

Lecture & Discussion with Waris Faridi

Join Advaita scholar Waris Faridi to discuss the Vedas and A Course in Miracles.

Potluck or Picnic in Spring

Monthly Gathering of HOPE

What: Join us at our monthly community gathering. Visit, share, and enjoy the connection available at our monthly gathering. We visit and eat before and after the main speaker. Feel free to bring musical instruments, your gifts, talents, and skills to freely share if you feel so inclinced.

This month's presenter: Edward Wertz - The Loss of Identity on the Spiritual Path

Bring a dish or drinks to share - no alcohol, please.

Please register at:

Elizabeth Sabet

HOPE Co-Founder, Community Facilitator, and Trainer, Spiritual Integration Coach

Lubbock, Texas


Dr. Edward Wertz

HOPE Co-Founder,

Community Facilitator

and Trainer, Spiritual Integration Coach

Fate, Texas

Training to Support

Healthy community development

Check back in December 2023 for information on our programs

Proposed Plan for the HOPE Wholeness Center

& Academic Conferences and Training

Without funding, HOPE can't expand our goals to provide expanded community and educational services and our plans to purchase land to build a wholeness and retreat center. This center will support local and long-distance experiencers through education, support, and hermitages for short and long-term integration retreats. The center will house practitioner space for local mental health, complementary wellness professionals, and spiritual integration coaches. There will also be space for hybrid long-distance and local education, support services, and other community activities.

Additional professional support will be provided through STE-trained mental health professionals and coaches in Lubbock, Texas, along with collaborative relationships with mental health professionals in Texas to make telehealth services available if necessary. The land will be managed with local climate needs in mind using solar utilities, the support of permaculture experts, and West Texas Agri-Forest professionals to create a food forest and hydroponic food production to provide for the food needs of the facility on a sustainable basis.

Financial Needs

The estimated current cost is $5 million dollars to fund the land, buildings, and program costs.

If you would like to support the efforts of this project financially, or in any other way, please contact Elizabeth Sabet at

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